Monday, September 30, 2013

Now onto the Winter!

Hi Everyone,

Just a little update as our summer has come to a quick close and the winter is fast approching,
Goldstrike Bees have had very successful 2013.  They have produced honey in Delta, Richmond, and Lillooet this year and also had a great year up at the Chateau Whister.  They have made a beautiful wildflower honey from the hotel roof top. 

We have signed up for a few winter markets and craftfairs so far:

Whister Farmers Market - Oct 6th and 13th
Annieville Elementary - Nov 15th, 5-9pm, in the Gym
Steveston Craft Fair - Nov 30th
Whister's Bizarre Bazaar - Nov 30th and Dec 1st

We will keep you posted on more events we will be attending


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 Upcoming Market Locations and Dates

Hi Everyone Some upcoming market dates as the summer comes to a close: Aug 17 - River District Market (Marine and Kerr), 10-3 pm Aug 18 - Ambleside Farmers Market (10-3) Aug 18 - Steveston's Farmers Market (10-4) Aug 25 - Whistler's Farmers Market (10-4) Aug 25 - Ladner Farmers Market (10-4) Also some exciting news, we have 4 beehives on the rooftop at Chateau Whistler. It is the 22nd Fairmont Hotel of hotel's to have beehives on it. They are producing wildflower honey as we speak and they have adapted great to their new home. Please come out and see us at one of the markets for your local honey, beeswax, candles, lipbalm and soaps.. Thank you Goldstrike Honeybeeco

Friday, December 7, 2012

Honey Demonstration at Parthenon Dec 8, 2012


Just booked a honey demonstration on Dec 8,2012 at Parthenon Supermarket, Kits, for Dec 8,
at 12:30 pm.  Please come down and check out Goldstrike Honey and the amazing food at Parthenon!
You won't be disappointed!

Need honey stocking stuffers for Christmas

HI Everyone

It has been some time since we have updated our blog spot, so sorry, but this year has just flown by!

We had a good honey flow this year as we produced a few different honey's and crop pollination was very successful!

If anyone is looking for stocking stuffers or honey for their Christmas baking, we are in the following stores:

-Richmond Country Farms, Steveston Hwy, open till Dec 24th
-Parthenon Supermarket, Kits
-Queensdale Market, North Vancouver
- newly added as of yesterday, Budget Foods, Ladner

If you are looking for bees wax candles, we are at the following stores:
-Rembrandt's Cottage, Ladner
-Parthenon Supermaket, Kits
-Red Rooster, South Surrey

We are also in a few winter markets/craft fairs:

BCIT - Dec 7: 10-2 pm
Lonsdale Winter Market:  Dec 7/8/9/14/15/16, 12-6 pm
River District Craft Fair, Marine and Kerr, Dec 9, 11-4 pm
Steveston Winter Market (In the Cannery):  Dec 16, 11-4 pm, this is the last one until Feb 10, 2013.

If none of these dates or places work for you, please email and
we can set up a place to meet or we can deliver it directly to your house or business!

Thanks and all the best in the New Year!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Our nice weather in May was just a teaser! But the bees are in good shape for it but swarm season came a little early! We have a busy market season this summer .LADNER FARMERS MARKET kicks off this weekend on Sunday June 10th 2012 we also are in Ladner June 24th July 8-22  and Sept 9th STEVESTON FARMERS MARKET June 3-17 July 15th Sept 2-16-30th  AMBLESIDE FARMERS MARKET June 3-17 July 8-22 Sept 2-16-30 BURNABY FARMERS MARKET (Deer Lk) June 2-16 July 7-21 Sept 1-15-22-29th Oct 6-13-27th .We are also doing two night markets one in ENGLISH BAY and the other in NORTH VANCOUVER but I'll update those dates on my next blog! "KEEP THE BUZZ IN B.C BUY LOCAL HONEY"

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rain rain go away!

Blueberry crops are starting to bloom in the Fraser valley and the bees are on the move we're getting the hives ready to go into our contracts next weekend ! After a long cold spring the bees are in need of some nice flying weather to help them build up. Feeding pollen substitute and sugar syrup helps them build but nothing works like the real thing. Last year at this time we were already spliting collonies to control swarming. Our summer markets start May 22 in Steveston and June12th in Ladner. We put some of our products into Richmond country farms (Steveston Hwy and hwy 99 )and they've been selling well! KEEP THE BUZZ IN BRITISH COLUMBIA BUY LOCAL HONEY !

Sunday, March 6, 2011

California Dreamin

I had a nice trip down to Sacramento California in mid February to pick up some equipment for our operation. The almonds where just starting to bloom and truck loads of bee's were arriving. Half the bee's in the united states are trucked into California for almond pollination. I stopped by some hives in one orchard and ate my lunch the bees were flying and it was nice to hear the hum and watch them working. I would have liked to had more time to visit but my priority's were at home. As I look outside and it's pouring rain I start dreaming about beekeeping in California and how nice it must be to work in the sunshine! Spring has sprung in the Fraser valley and the first signs of spring are here daffodils are poking through the ground and the day time high temperatures are reaching near 10 degrees Celsius. Feeding our bee's in the early spring stimulates them to raise brood so that there ready to go to work in Blueberry's in mid April. Spring hive inspections will start as soon as the bee's are flying regularly and the day's are a bit warmer. We have 3 more indoor market's in the gulf of Georgia cannery in Steveston B.C .We've signed up for 2 summer market's this year Ladner farmers market and Steveston Farmers market I'll post schedules in my next blog. Keep The Buzz In British Columbia Buy Local Honey!

     Winter Market Schedule
   Gulf of Georgia Cannery Museum
    Steveston B.C
   March 13-27