Sunday, March 6, 2011

California Dreamin

I had a nice trip down to Sacramento California in mid February to pick up some equipment for our operation. The almonds where just starting to bloom and truck loads of bee's were arriving. Half the bee's in the united states are trucked into California for almond pollination. I stopped by some hives in one orchard and ate my lunch the bees were flying and it was nice to hear the hum and watch them working. I would have liked to had more time to visit but my priority's were at home. As I look outside and it's pouring rain I start dreaming about beekeeping in California and how nice it must be to work in the sunshine! Spring has sprung in the Fraser valley and the first signs of spring are here daffodils are poking through the ground and the day time high temperatures are reaching near 10 degrees Celsius. Feeding our bee's in the early spring stimulates them to raise brood so that there ready to go to work in Blueberry's in mid April. Spring hive inspections will start as soon as the bee's are flying regularly and the day's are a bit warmer. We have 3 more indoor market's in the gulf of Georgia cannery in Steveston B.C .We've signed up for 2 summer market's this year Ladner farmers market and Steveston Farmers market I'll post schedules in my next blog. Keep The Buzz In British Columbia Buy Local Honey!

     Winter Market Schedule
   Gulf of Georgia Cannery Museum
    Steveston B.C
   March 13-27