Saturday, January 22, 2011


Summer Farmers Market Ladner.B.C

Happy New Year! 2010 has come and gone and it was quite the year.Our small little easy to manage 80 colony operation grew to a little over 200 hives this past season. Besides biting off a little more than we could chew mother nature gave us a run for our money every step of the way. Spring in Vancouver is normally quite wet but this past spring was one of the wettest on record. Summer finally arrived mid June and the thermometer went right to 30 degrees and we went from mud puddles to a dust bowl in two days. The wild blackberry crop started to bloom
Blackberry Bloom
but all the heat put them into stress and the flowers didn't kick off much nectar.After a poor Blueberry honey crop we needed some blackberry honey to keep our hives healthy.The lack of Blackberry nectar forced us to move our colony's onto a Raspberry farm in Abbotsford B.C and thankfully the raspberry blooms were dripping with nectar.After two weeks in Raspberry's the hives put on 60 pounds of light colored fruity honey. Our Cranberry contracts started calling looking for bees as there bloom was well under way we quickly moved to Richmond B.C for a very uneventful Cranberry pollination season! Right a the tail end of Cranberry's the bees managed to bring a little bit of pink Cranberry honey this was a nice surprise as this is a rare honey to harvest! Our bees were in great shape ready to get to work on  200 acres of pumpkin bloom this is our #1 selling honey and we build our colony's all season to be as big as possible for pumpkin pollination. Any of the farmers that irrigated there pumpkins kept there plants healthy and the bees were able to collect average nectar and pollen from the huge yellow flowers.After some intense fall management the hives were fat and ready for winter. Grant Ball from corporate campaigns has been building our brand new web site We would like to thank him for all his hard work and for the great customer service ! Keep the Buzz in British Columbia Buy Local Honey! -Steve Gourley /Goldstrike Honeybee Company

Winter Market Schedule 
Gulf of Georgia Cannery Museum
Steveston B.C
Market Hours 10am-3pm

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